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Founded in February of 2012. My Atlanta Radio is the best hip hop radio station in Atlanta, with a daily worldwide reach and presence. We provide live hip hop and indie tracks in more than 62 countries around the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can stream our hip hop radio station for free. We also offer the latest news on hip hop music, events and artists to keep you informed. Our aim is to engage with online music listeners throughout the world while educating them on hip hop as a culture along with its genre. Hip hop leads all genres by such a large margin and its success is endless. You can even download our application on your smart phone absolutely free anywhere in the world. (My Atlanta Radio) We also love to connect with mainstream, indie and hip hop artists and business professionals to provide them with a quality advertising platform for worldwide exposure. Also you can listen live by just dialing 401-283-6586 from anywhere in the world.

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