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Ne-Yo praises Beyoncé for authentically portraying herself.

“Good for the Academy for trying to make the new changes."

Dr. Dre is rumored to add television to his repertoire.

He was a relative unknown up until this point.

According to the mayor it's "the highest honor we can give."

He doesn't want you to hate Michael Jordan though.

He says the two talked on the phone prior.

Plus, we all missed the greatest Super Bowl party ever.

Plies is the greatest romantic of modern times.

Plus, another Tupac murder theory resurfaces.

Kanye interrupts his own listening party.

It ain't easy being Yeezy.

He's officially declared himself the Picasso of music.

SoundCloud might have to alter its business model.

She's suing eventhough the investigation's been closed.

The production group is pulling out all the stops.

T.L.O.P. has arrived. But how did we get here?

Honoring The Voice on a legend.

Some classic material plays in the house that Pope built.

Boosie had a major cancer scare.

On the eve of "The Life of Pablo," Ye struck again.

Yeezy's album changes titles just hours before release.

I'll have my people DM your people.

Even Minaj herself was impressed.

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Artist bio My Name Marvin J Fallin .Am from Miami Florida.I grow up here in Atlanta ga me and my mother move here when I was 10. I played the saxophone when I was in band in [...]


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